berlin at night, video snippets of berliner nightlife taken by the euroclash crew.

to be able to download and see the video films you need to install DivX first. depending on which files you are looking at you may need the old divx3 codec, or any new one. they are not compatible. some of the (older) divx files also have been encoded with wma-audio by mistake, you may have to upgrade the media player to see those. sorry. please be careful to download the videos only once, or this funky visual initiative might close down again soon.

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here's the crowd who had the pleasure to enjoy waldorf:

the waldorf crowd

the fashionist "gucci fiorucci armani versace" song is the marvellous house metal hit track and i like the new romantic "you're my disco" so much i spin it every second night. the fake punk stage show is very very amusing! i think it was the first time in the several decades lasting history of the tourist disco »big eden« to ever host a punk rock gig. hahaha.

whatever it takes (W.I.T.) - 3 golden girls standing at microphones, and they aren't even singing harmony, they just alternate and show off their assets - at least they weren't lip synching. one of them is very cool to strangers cameras even when off stage, i liked that.

these movies are in the old divx 3.x format, you need to install the old divx codecs to be able to see them, but it is still possible, even 3 years after encoding them.. ;)

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